Outdoor Groups

The following are some outdoor groups you can join today to help you get started on your self-care journey. As a friend once told me, “the world is so big and there’s so much to explore, so why not explore together?”

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Black Girls Trekkin

We are a group of women who take to the outdoors for three reasons:

  1. To get away from the busy city life that we Angelenos have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s almost impossible to escape the hustle and bustle of LA life, but we find sanctuary in the various trails that the city has to offer.

  2. To promote diversity in the outdoors and show that us people of color DO go outside and do things like hike, swim, climb, and enjoy the thrill of adventure. The more we come together, the more that stereotype “black people don’t go outside” becomes irrelevant.

  3. To connect with other black women that have like-minded ideas and to have our own safe space where we can be outside and be ourselves without worrying if we’re being stared at or possibly judged.

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Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors is a unique Latino-led organization. We are working to create a national community of leaders in conservation and outdoor education. As part of this work, we are focused on expanding and amplifying the Latino experience in the outdoors; providing greater opportunities for leadership, mentorship, professional opportunities and serving as a platform for sharing cultural connections and narratives that are often overlooked by the traditional outdoor movement. It is a space for the community to be present, share their voices, and showcase how conservation roots have been ingrained in Latino cultura for generations.

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Girls Who Hike

Established in December 2015, Girls Who Hike is a nationally recognized hiking organization based in the United States. We're designed to connect women with other local women to hit the trails together, but our members also utilize the Girls Who Hike web of chapters while traveling around the United States because there's nothing quite like a "local's pick" when it comes to finding a hidden gem in unknown places. we have over 75,000 women within 57 chapters nationwide.