Thirsty? Perfect, then you should join us for the 60-day water challenge

The first challenge for the Showing up Project that you have the opportunity to join in on is the 60-day water challenge. Did you know that the average person is supposed to drink at least 64 oz of water per day?  Keep in mind that the more active a person is the more water they should be drinking. Therefore, your water consumption per day will be unique to you.

Personally, I’m horrible at doing this. Oddly enough, I don’t like the taste of water so drinking enough of it is a daily struggle. Other reasons I came across on why people don’t drink enough water include: I never remember to drink water, it’s too expensive,  I’d rather drink something else, it’s not cold enough, or/and plastic water bottles are wasteful.  

Various studies such as the ones introduced in the articles and video below show how consuming enough water in a day can positively impact your body.

Some of the emotional and physical benefits of consuming enough water include:

  •          Skin glow up
  •          Can help with weight loss
  •          Helps with sleep
  •          Helps with your mood
  •          Increase energy
  •          Can boost immune system
  •          Helps with headaches
  •          Helps flush out toxins

Now if you’re like me, you were practically screaming, let’s go after reading that list. I mean skin glow up, increase energy…. improved immune system…. sign me up! But all joking aside, I hope you will consider joining me for the 60-day water challenge with the Showing up Project.

The Rules for the 60-Day Water Challenge

For this challenge, I asked 4 of my friends to join me. Each of my friends decided to join this challenge for various reasons, which I will share in a later post in addition to introducing you to them. For this challenge, the rules are simple:

1)      Drink 64 oz (or more) of water per day for 60 days;

2)      If able to, please use a reusable canteen. For those of you, who are looking for a reusable canteen to buy, please click here. Thank you for your consideration.

3)      There is no need to change your diet or exercise routine.

4)      Anyone can join. The challenge officially starts on September 1, 2018. Please email me at with the subject line “60-day water challenge” if you plan to participate. I would like to send you before and after questions so we can see how the community feels collectively after doing this challenge together. 

It’s time for us to start a new habit. Why not do it together? Are you in?